Translating an Anime and Manga is my dream ever since I was 12. There maybe nothing special about it but I find it really fun and I’m really willing to do it for service. I’ve been trying to translate an Anime & Manga ever since then. I made a subbing group which is mAgInA_scans until we end up doing it with other friends of mine in real and changed the group name to KiraKira☆Boshi. Though, things were really hard to catch up that time because of the studies and different schedules of the members and I usually end up working alone or with another translator until our group fade away.

Though, translating an Anime & Manga never fade in me and Mirumo de Pon is the Anime I’ve always wanted to translate. I always want to do it but I didn’t really know how to start. Should I join a group and work with them? Do an individual one? Or just help them out… until someone came to invite me after 5 years and I didn’t even doubt even 1% to deny the offer.

Now, I’m really enjoying translating the first anime series I’m doing, which is my dream to translate for almost 8 years with two current groups and translating the manga alone. I prefer working alone than getting crazy and panicked on how things should work. Gosh, that’s too stressful! I mostly like things to be in my way when I do stuff so yeah, prefer working all by my self. And just do my job- TLing on Anime Series and I’m done. XD

I can say that my dream is coming true and translating really helps me a lot to improve both English and Japanese. I’m treating this ‘translator’ job as a practice to enhance my knowledge in both language. This is mainly part of my studies.

If you need my help on translating, feel free to message me~

Feel free to visit my links:

http://mahounofairymirumodepon.webs.com/ (It vanished…)


9 thoughts on “About

      • Is it? I don’t see any detailed information of track names in English. There’s one I saw but its from the Charming edition 😦 Translating the track names in Google is making me cry because its inaccurate. (I’m actually asking help to translate the track listings part.)

      • so far this is what i have translated:
        1. pretty cake magic
        2. mirumo’s waltz
        3. pretty cake magic (tv size)
        4. mirumo’s waltz (tv size)
        5. pretty cake magic (karaoke?)
        12. marshamallow dance
        14. marumo’s waltz
        17. mirumo magic
        18. rirumu magic
        19. yashichi magic
        20. murumo magic
        21. marumo magic
        22. warumo gang magic
        23. kaede + mirumo magic

        I can read hiragana and katakana at least but the rest I’m still not sure how to translate properly.
        Also, does “kechirase!” and “sarara” have a particular meaning?

        by the way, you can reply to this at josephine12cute@gmail.com instead even if you use a different mail account… its much better for us to talk in private instead of me flooding comments at your about page >_<

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