Mirumo de Pon! Chapter 14+OMAKE

Finally! Finally! Finally! I’ve been so excited to release these chapter! I’ve been trying to finis it on time but I didn’t make it and I want to apologize about that-I know- but I just really don’t know when I’m going to get busy :<

Also, I would like to thank Konnakude for proofreading these chapters! It’s a lot of help for me to be able to rease a better quality of the manga series! But from chapter 14, size would be a lot smaller but I guarantee you it’s better quality 🙂




For now, I don’t know when I can start the next chapter because I seem to get very busy until the last week of December. But I am hoping that I could start before the year ends or at least release a chapter. I already got all chapters up to Volume 6 scanned and they are actually now a lot easier to edit.

About the anime series, I believe that we are soon to release episodes, hopefully by the end of the month. I7m hoping no delays with this as I am very excited to work from episode 41 :”>

Well then, Enjoy reading the chapters!


4 thoughts on “Mirumo de Pon! Chapter 14+OMAKE

  1. Oh one more thing I forgot…this chapter was a bit too small…it was a bit hard to read some of the words
    I understand that you want to make the highest quality scans so the artwork looks better but the print was a bit too small to read as a result

    Sorry for commenting so much…no edit button :p

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