This year’s first update!

Hello everyone! After almost four months and I’m finally back! First of all, I would like to greet everyone a Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s day. My spring vacation started one week ago and this is the only time I’ve finally got a chance to update the blog. I’ll continue translating the Mirumo de Pon from episode 30 as well as the manga from it’s 11th chapter from the third volume. Also, I am translating Happy Seven’s short episodes and I’m so glad that the tittles of series I’m working will increase. I am already done translating the series, considering that it only has five short episodes! And just now, I checked the Stardust’s blog and they’re searching for Kirarin Revolution’s new translator! I am volunteering to do that too. Though, if ever I am accepted for the project, I can’t promise that it will run flawlessly considering that Mirumo series doesn’t-because of me. Lol.

Anyway, I also would like to thank my readers who greeted me a happy birthday last October 22. I’m apologizing that I wasn’t able to express my gratitude ASAP. I was just really busy with university thing. Also, I am starting my part time job regularly starting tomorrow and I am going to try to focus to both TLing and part time world. I also noticed that the last time I update the manga was a year ago! Gosh, time passed so fast! I didn’t felt that. It seems like it was just a recent update. I guess I was really busy.

See you on my next update!


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