Mirumo de Pon! New Chapter

Finally! I thought that I won’t be able to finish the manga before 20th of the month. And after 7 months, finally! Here’s the latest chapters! I can’t imagine that I did the fifth chapter as well. Anyway, here’s the fifth chapter from Vol.01 d 10th chapter + OMAKE (Special/extra) which is the last chapter of the Vol. 02! So next time I when I updated the manga, we’ll be on the third volume!


[MaiRie Étoile]MirumodePon_Volume_01_Chapter_05

[MaiRie Étoile]MirumodePon_Volume_02_Chapter_10

[MaiRie Étoile]MirumodePon_Volume_02_OMAKE

Enjoy Reading!!


4 thoughts on “Mirumo de Pon! New Chapter

  1. Good Job
    BTW don’t worry about your grammar…it’s pretty good considering how most asians really struggle with English and your translation is generally good and understandable…I’ve seen some horrible Fanbsub Groups in my time…that had completely bad translations

    Also you mentioned that you often forget where you store your files
    Might I suggest you back-up your files in SkyDrive,Google Drive,Mega.co.nz and such other sites just in case?

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