August update!

ImageHello guys! Summer is soon to end and did you enjoy it? Well, me, yes. I enjoyed it a lot that my eagerness on working which turned out to laziness. Lol, Sorry about that. So anyway, as for the latest update regarding our work with the series, I’m done translating episode 25-26. I’m planning to continue it up to 30th episode till before second semester starts on September 20. But then, I still have lots of school works left and I also have to practice for the finals in speech contest so… wish me I can manage everything before school starts again. WISH ME NOT BE LAZY. By tomorrow, I’m planning to start working on the manga series from chapter 10 up to it’s omake which I’m planning to release it as soon as possible.

Anyway, there are questions that I have received from the comments here which I thought would be helpful to answer.

Eee, just wanted to check, is chapter 5 missing from your blog? –Meada0
Well, just now, really now… I was refreshing my memories with my job here and I was searching for 5th chapter as well until I remember this article ( which probably can answer the question. And I just noticed now that I said “release it with 8th chapter” while I released the 8th with 9th. I guess I completely forgotten about the 5th? I guess I’ll release it with 10th+OMAKE then…(OMG, TOO MUCH WORK o_O Wish me luck)

Do you have all the episodes of Mirumo de Pon? Up to season 4? Thanks πŸ˜€-ahappygoluckygirl
Yes, I guess? As I know, my boss bought the DVD of the series… so I guess yes. So no worries! I promise that I’ll help on working with the series as long as my co-workers with this series is alive.

Where will you be uploading them? Torrent? IRC? Filesharing Sites? -DAMN

We’re just uploading the files on our own vault and –I think– the uploaders of the free-online-watching-anime-sites downloads the episodes from there and upload on their site. If you want to get your own copy of the episodes, you can DDL it or download by torrent.

Is it eng dub or japan dub?-burnshop

Both anime series and manga series are from the Japanese version. So yes, the anime is Japanese dub BUT English subtitles.

I hope these answers helped. For further questions, feel free to comment!

Also, MFMirumodePon-MaiRiEtoile finally on twitter! Just follow for the live updates at @MFMirumo I’ll put every movements I do regarding both Anime and Manga series each time πŸ˜€

See you!


2 thoughts on “August update!

  1. You are so awesome and nice! I have been looking for Mirumo series for a long time. Thank you for taking your time to sub and upload them! Ganbatte! ^^,

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