Mirumo de Pon 22

It’s been a year already since I accepted Hoshi (my boss) offer to me if I could help them out with the series that I didn’t s even doubt on being part of it. I really love the anime even now that it already ended. Anyway, sorry for a very late update. I’ve been busy in university that I always get home very tired. I hope you enjoy episode 22!


(Torrent) [Nyaa] | DDL [Skydrive] |


3 thoughts on “Mirumo de Pon 22

  1. THANK YOU 😦 HUHU only like… 150 episodes to go? Heheh don’t give up. Really really appreciate the effort 🙂

  2. No need to apologize! We’re very happy that you do this during your free time ><!!
    I just finished university so I understand your workload haha (but trust me, it's still better than working life ;D! Enjoy your time =D!)

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