Mirumo de Pon Manga Series Update

So I got a great news for everyone!!! I can finally use my scanner on my new laptop!!!ImageMy current laptop is in Windows 7 which is the installer of my printer isn’t capable for it. I guess it is only for Windows XP, Windows Home and Windows Vista. Then so my dad told me that I could download it from the internet, in the main site-which I am not aware of. And then so I tried!!! And it worked!! More than that, I have figured out how to scan faster than I was doing before whenever I use this scanner. So I guess I could scan the 3rd Volume of Mirumo de Pon! faster and easier.

Well, that’s all for now. I didn’t do anything at all yesterday and I didn’t had any idea what were the things I have to do and I ended up thinking all day about it XD Now I guess I’ll just spend my 7 more days on translating both Anime Series and Manga Series of Mirumo de Pon. Wish me luck for the speed working. :>

See you on my next update!


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