Taking Down the Past

After I released the Chapter 1 and 7 of Mirumo de Pon, I started getting sick about my Mirumo files around the internet and so, I decided to take down some of the things I’m getting sick about. I decided to private/take down them to avoid confusing because I’m really messing things around-yep, I admit it.

So here are the Mirumo related things I put in private/took down:

08/23/2008: [mAgInA_scans] Mirumo de Pon Volume 01 Chapter 01
KiraKira*Boshi Forum Site
Star Paradise Forum
Star Paradise

If you’re wondering what is star paradise and why am I putting it here, I think I forgot to mention it but it is the site of mAgInA_scans/mAgInA_subs where I had to update some stuff about Mirumo.

I’m still finding the other things I should turn down and putting down on a list. It’s quite hard though because I mostly can’t remember my username, e-mail I used, used password. Really, I hope I can hack and turn them all down XDD


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