Mirumo de Pon Chapter 07

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

So as I promised, I’m done with the 7th and the very first chapter of the first volume. I got the idea on re-translating it because of the idea I got when we are translating the anime version. The group that translated Mirumo de Pon first, long time ago were gone and stop at the 10th episode. So, my group Tondemonai & Stardust decided to do it from the start again-with our own version of translation instead on continuing what they’ve left. SO! Since, as ‘MaiRie’ I started translating the manga from the special chapter of the first volume and it game me the feeling that I ‘jumped’ instead on doing it from the start.

So for the online-reading manga sites that uploaded the version of ‘mAgInA_sCaNs’? -which is a group that I was a member- or to those uploaders, Please trash that version and change it to the new one which I translated ORIGINALLY from the Japanese version of the manga that I have here 😀 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!



[MaiRie Étoile_MirumodePon_Volume_01_chapter_01]

and then here are the next chapters that I did when I was in the KiraKira-Boshi (Yeah, I know it’s kind of complicated, but you know… I did almost all of the work there that’s why I’m claiming the work) Chapter 02 || Chapter 03 || Chapter 04


[MaiRie Étoile_MirumodePon_Volume_02_chapter_07]

So yeah, for my next uploads, I’ll try to release every week or this New Year -depends if I am not busy or not- because I love holiday releases!  And by the way, I might upload my own version of chapter 2-5 depending on how I did in the past.. if it’s that bad… I’ll release them with the 8th chapter.  Well, I can’t really remember anything because I was just only 12 that time-yep, too young- and maybe I’ll check out all my files if I did the next chapters too or what. sdfbgv. But if my work in KKB were good enough, maybe I will republish it as MaiRie-just like what I said that I did almost all of the work there – or probably leave them like that and then jump to the 5th chapter. So please read them too okay? And please help me out!! ><

Till next time~


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