Hello everyone! It’s been a while! I’ve been very busy since August I haven’t even worked out with the Manga. Actually, I was re-translating our chapter 1 when I was still in Kira-Kira-Boshi. Something isn’t right about it so I decided to work with two chapter; 1 from the Japanese Version and 7th. Hope the Mirumo de Pon Manga readers will be patient enough for my next releases.

Anyways, last Monday, 15th of October. The 11th episode of the Anime Series has been released! Sorry for not updating here, I’m quite busy in real life.


Really, my dreams now are coming true. I’m so happy to be part of Stardust Fansubs. Long way to go to work with the staff of this series with some Tondemonai staffs. I love them all.

So for my last words in this post. I’m going to work up to episode 14 this month before I go out of country. I’ll be back here in Japan by 8th of November. By that time, probably I’ll be free enough to do lots of episodes as I can. Regarding the manga, I’m planning to finish the two chapter I’m working on this month before I leave the country for a while.

Well then, see you all!


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