Mirumo de Pon Chapter 6

After more than a week and finally the next chapter of Mirumo de Pon manga series is done! Supposedly, I was about to release it today but I went all lazy and put the last 8 pages for today. Lol. Well, this chapter is quite the same with the anime that’s why I didn’t had a hard time on translating it. And now, feel free to download it!

ImageMaiRie Étoile_mirumodepon_volume_02_chapter_06

And starting this week, I’m going to do the 12th episode of the anime series. Maybe I’ll be translating the anime series and manga series alternate every week. And I will make sure they’ll not be late. Enjoy reading the Chapter 6! See you


2 thoughts on “Mirumo de Pon Chapter 6

  1. Eee, just wanted to check, is chapter 5 missing from your blog?
    (Thanks again! I gave up on this series many years ago because people hadn’t subbed in a long time and my Japanese is nowhere good enough to watch an entire series RAW.)

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