Dad came, get home soon!

Hi again~ I just wanna give some updates about the mirumo series. For now, the episode 1-10 are encoding and the release isn’t decided yet. I’m really excited for the release because it’s actually I wanted to do years ago; to translate the anime someday, lol, and it did came true.

And now, I’m translating the episode 11, 父来る、すぐ帰れ!1/Dad is here, get home soon! Well, do you find the title sounds wrong? Well find out in the anime why it’s like that. lol. I don’t wanna spoil that part. And so, while translating the episode, I just noticed that this kids looks like Setsu and Kaoru when they are young. Sou cute! Aren’t they?!

ImageThough, the hair of the right guy and eyes are quite different,but still, look like!

And about the chapter 6, probably I’ll release it till Sunday. Not sure though. I’m not yet sure with my schedule since I also want to finish the anime series at the same time. Besides, there’s a video I’m making in the game I always play that’s why I cannot say things clearly for now.

Well, that’s all. See yah!


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