First Update

    Hello everyone! I am the make of, yuuki_setsu and I had an announcement there month ago that I’ll be putting my names as MaiRie Étoile from now on. Well, lots of things happened and the reason why the manga weren’t continued by us anymore and then, I noticed that the other group stopped on translating the manga. Therefore, I’ll be continuing their work till the end of the manga series
    For those people who have read our releases, from KiraKira-Boshi, we had members but all of us went busy ad we went to university in almost the same year which, for me had a hard time since I moved here in Japan. Oh well, so first of all, from now on, I’ll be working with the manga ALONE. I don’t have the time to find members to help me out so.. yeah :<. I’ll be releasing the chapter 4(the chapter where we stopped, while the other group continued) and to the first chapter of the volume 2 which is the chapter 6(chapter that the other group didn’t continue).
    I am going to do my best on translating the manga faster and I’m targetting to finish at least two volumes for this year.
    Also, I also would like to tell that I am also translating the Mirumo de Pon series under the Anime-Subbing group called Stardust Fansub, associating with Tondemonai. Check out Stardust’s staff list here.
     As for the update regarding the series, we’re done translating the episodes 1-10 and the episodes are currently encoding and soon to be release. Probably this month. So here’s the print screen of the staff working with the series.
    Here’s the water mark from Leafy’s blog. Image

Also, for more information, feel free to check out my site’s page on facebook:

Oh, btw. I’m super new here in wordpress because I usually do blogging in blogspot. But I’m so aware that most of anime updates are in here so I made one. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ne!

See you guys!


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